left up right
With Justification
p {margin: 0pt 40pt 0pt 40pt;text-align:justify}
img {float:right;margin-left:1cm}
<p><img .../>The following image is a good example..</p>

A microscopeThe following image is a good example of how you can have the inline image of a microscope so that it floats to the right of the following text by associating the float: right property with the image of the microscope and letting the text carry on to the left of the image as we see here! Note that the text flows around the bottom of the image once the text is past it. This may take longer than we think depending on the width of the page at the time! If it does not do it then you need to add more and more text to the paragraph until it does. If you are going to have a full width page this may take time.